Positive Pay

Keep your accounts safe.

If you're running a business, you need financial security, and that means active fraud prevention. Positive Pay(1) from Plains Commerce Bank is a cash management feature that helps detect, identify, and prevent both check and ACH fraud, keeping your money where it belongs.

The benefits.

  • Fraud Control: Positive Pay reduces the chances of check fraud and electronic payment fraud.
  • Check and ACH Verification: Positive Pay will verify every check and ACH payment presented to the data you provided to the bank.
  • Control Your Payments: You will make the final decision to pay or return checks or ACH payments.
  • Email and SMS Notifications: Stay up-to-date with your account by receiving email and SMS notifications when an exception item needs your review to pay or return.

How it works.

Getting started with Positive Pay is simple.

Send us your secure online data file.

We verify the checks and/or ACH payment presented in your online data file.

  • Payee
  • Issue Date
  • Serial Number
  • Dollar amount

For ACH Positive Pay, you upload an approved list of customers for ACH credit or debits.

We'll keep an eye on things.

This includes privacy information on every check you issued out to an employee or customer.

  • If an item doesn't match, it will go to our Positive Pay Exception for you to review.
  • You decide whether to pay or return the items.

Note: Sometimes a check or ACH payment customer hasn't been updated on the file or an error was made when entering the check information. That's why we ensure you have the opportunity to review payments.

Review your account daily.

Positive Pay requires daily review of all exceptions presented from the previous night's processing. This ensures that no fraudulent checks or electronic payments are paid and keeps your account secure.

Stay ahead of fraud.

Positive Pay will help your business stay ahead of fraud and add a level of protection to the money in your accounts. Having a strategy in place will ensure safety in the future and help eliminate accounting errors. Keep your business running smoothly—and safely—with Positive Pay.

Not currently enrolled in Online Solutions?

Contact Plains Commerce Bank today to get started with Online Solutions.

(1) You must be enrolled in Online Solutions to use Positive Pay. Wireless/data charges may apply. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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