Wire Solutions

The way to send money, faster.

As a business owner, we know time is of the essence. Move your money faster and more securely with our Wire Solutions. Utilizing this service will provide your business with a fast, highly-secure transfer system for moving funds to and from accounts at other financial institutions. Bank-to-bank wire transfers are the safest payment method - allowing you to maintain control of available funds while reducing the time and expense of writing and processing checks.

Who can benefit from Wire Solutions?

  • Businesses that would like to quickly and securely run funds through financial networks and/or banking relationships
  • Businesses looking to reduce credit card charge-back and non-sufficient funds activity
  • Businesses sending or receiving payments internationally

How can Wire Solutions help your business?

  • Ease of use: option for template creation for repetitive payments
  • Efficiency: the fastest way to send money
  • Security: multiple layers of security as well as the ability to configure user permissions and transfer limits
  • Reporting: notification system that delivers a proof of payment sent or received for accurate record keeping

Learn more about Wire Solutions in this quick tutorial.

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