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Plains Commerce Bank is proud to provide decades of experience in personal trust services. Our team is ready to accompany you, your legal and tax advisors, and your beneficiaries in planning and carrying out your personalized needs and goals.

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Is building a trust right for you?

A trust may be useful for many reasons, and South Dakota is a premier trust situs. Generally speaking, a trust is useful if and when a person wants to give property to another (trustee) for the purpose of benefitting a third party (beneficiaries) without giving that third party ownership rights to the property.

For example, a trust may be useful to:

  • Provide reliable, continuous, and tax beneficial financial care for a widowed spouse
  • Provide objective and personalized discretionary payments to children
  • Protect and invest assets in ways that benefit the conflicting interests of blended families
  • Encourage and support grandchildren in attaining life goals
  • Provide for special needs of disabled persons
  • Pass on a legacy through multiple generations

Which Trust is Right for You?

Benefits of a Corporate Trustee

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Cameo Anders, JD, MA, CAP®

Cameo Anders, JD, MA, CAP®

AVP Trust Officer
Get to Know Me Cameo Anders, JD, MA, CAP®
Gary Popkes, CFP®

Gary Popkes, CFP®

SVP Trust Officer
Get to Know Me Gary Popkes, CFP®

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Cameo Anders, JD, MA, CAP®
Cameo Anders, JD, MA, CAP®
About Me
Gary Popkes, CFP®
Gary Popkes, CFP®
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