What's New at Plains Commerce Bank?

Check out information on what's new in the industry, from Agriculture to Mortgage and everything in between.

Shifting the Tone

Be Unique. One of the five core values at Plains Commerce Bank. Being unique means thinking outside the box, differentiating yourself, and pushing the limits. But what truly makes us different? It is a question that comes up constantly in business. The idea that we have value over another company. Why would a customer choose us over another company? Is it the customer experience? Lower prices? Or something else?

Small Businesses Power the American Economy

In the professional world, you hear people use words like heart, soul, or backbone. They may be describing a person. Maybe they’re describing what is the driving force behind something. Politicians, economists, and advocates use these words almost daily when talking about the heart, soul, and backbone of the American economy. So, what is the heart, soul, backbone of the American economy?

Teaching Children to Save

How do we teach children to be diligent savers? What tips can we teach them at a young age that they’ll take with them forever? How can we get across to kids that it’s much more about psychology than finance? Read more.

What is Financial Literacy

April is financial literacy month. In 2004, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution naming April financial literacy month. Since then, as a community bank Plains Commerce has been proud to support and promote this across our markets.

Tips for Ag Renewal Season

​You want your farm operation to be as successful as possible. As your local ag banking experts, we want that for you, too. To help you prepare, our ag bankers put together a few tips for you during renewal season – and year-round.


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