Committed to Community

Dear customers and community,

Coming together as one is the creation of community. And when it comes to communities, ours is pretty wonderful.

As the EVP/Branch Manager at Plains Commerce Bank, I get to see firsthand how this community thrives. Mitchell is a place where we come together to lift one another up, build our community, and create a place where we are all proud to live and work.

Mitchell is full of opportunity! From industry, tourism, post-secondary education, healthcare, and hospitality/retail - we really have it all here! As a member of Mitchell Chamber Connect and the Rotary Club, I'm always seeing our community grow and taking note of the new opportunities available to each of us. As we grow and establish new businesses and organizations, I'm proud to see the diversity in Mitchell grow, too. I work frequently as a volunteer translator and am always excited to help someone make themselves at home in a town that is so accepting of all people.

There have been so many moments where I've seen how selfless my neighbors and friends in Mitchell are. I'm always humbled when I see my colleagues choose to put others ahead of themselves - whether that be through volunteering, monetary donations to organizations, or even picking up extra projects at work to help ease the burden of a coworker. The way the people in Mitchell choose to live out their values is truly priceless!

Jill Luque

The selfless spirit I see in my friends and colleagues inspires me each day. It can be exhausting to feel like you're always giving - but the way the people of Mitchell choose to keep on giving no matter what, and that is such a generous gift to all of us! I am so appreciative of the time and energy I see everyone in this community put forth every day. Truly, there's nothing more generous that being willing to work for the good of others!

This selflessness and generosity create a sense of philanthropy in our community. As a Board Member for Habitat for Humanity and Mitchell Snack Pack, I get to watch firsthand as our residents take part in community events and organizations. Seeing the people of Mitchell donate an afternoon or evening to help out their community is a great reminder of our people's selfless and generous spirits. How wonderful to live in a place where it's so easy to get involved and help our neighbors succeed! Thank you for being a part of this with me!

As a mother, I see these same values in our school districts and youth organizations. I'm proud to raise my kids in Mitchell where they are given the opportunities to grow and succeed. And when I'm out coaching the Renegade Softball team, I get to see how you've instilled these values in your kids as well. It's so exciting to know our community is in such great hands with our future leaders!

I am so grateful to be here in Mitchell. Thank you for welcoming myself, my family, and the entire Plains Commerce Bank team into this community! Thank you for being committed to us. We're committed to you.

All the best,
Jill Luque
EVP/Branch Manager
NMLS #2067737

Plains Commerce Bank of Mitchell


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