Rodney Krantz, EVP Agri-Business Lending was recently awarded Elite Lender status by Dakota Business Finance. This status is achieved after the successful completion of five SBA 504 loans, a notably complex type of loan that takes expert consideration. Rodney has completed seven such loans in his tenure with Plains Commerce Bank. SBA is the U.S Small Business Association, a government agency whose mission is to assist with starting, building, and growing small businesses in America.

Market President Jason Sundberg states, “Legendary Lender is right around the corner. Please join me in congratulating Rodney on his achievement!” Legendary Lender is the next possible recognition when it comes to the SBA 504 loans, meaning the lender completed 10 - not far off from his current achievement.

Krantz explains what makes SBA 504 loans unique, "The SBA and the bank work together to provide the financing the borrower needs. So not only do we need to make sure the project meets the bank's underwriting standards, it also needs to meet the SBA's standards. The process can be more complicated than just doing the loan ourselves, but the benefit to the borrower typically far exceeds the extra work involved."

Krantz has been a part of the Plains Commerce Bank team for over seven years and is known to be a friendly face and dedicated worker. For him, the most rewarding part of being a lender is building relationships. "We do what we can to add value to their operations and help them achieve their goals."

Reach out to Rodney Krantz and read more about him here.

*All loans are subject to credit approval.


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