Agile Manufacturing is not likely a name that comes up in casual dinner table conversation. But if you are out working in the fields or around the farm, you are more than likely using a piece of equipment created by them. 

Getting its start as Miller Loaders over 40 years ago, Mike Feilmeier purchased the company in 2008 with its only location in Larchwood, Iowa.  With two product lines, Miller Loaders and Grab Tech, Agile manufactures material handling equipment for agricultural and industrial applications. They cover everything from skid-steers to very large payloaders. If you are hauling hay, dirt or gravel, chances are you are using one of their products.

Mike’s relationship started with Plains Commerce Bank when the idea of acquiring Miller Loaders and Grab Tech started to formulate. “The key to this whole operation is that Plains Commerce Bank knew what was under the numbers. They have employees who understand how to look at a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement. They understand what it is they’re really looking at and this has been a critical factor in our ability to grow and expand.”

As many businesses seem to be downsizing their facilities and minimizing their inventory, Mike is doing just the opposite. After maxing out the space in the Larchwood, Iowa facility, Mike began looking into different options to accommodate his growth. He saw a need in the market for his product and consequently expanded to a new, multi-million dollar facility just outside of Sioux Falls near Worthing, South Dakota. This 20,000 square foot building is the newest home for Agile Manufacturing.  “Plains Commerce Bank brought a wealth of resources to the table which was critical in our expansion.  From Dakota Business Finance to economic groups in and around Sioux Falls which were vital in making this expansion come together.”

“They have on numerous occasions bent over backwards to help me, from company credit cards to several different bank accounts to my personal mortgage. It’s the quality of people that work at Plains Commerce Bank.”


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