Kyle Pickner

Kyle Pickner

Kyle Pickner

Chief Trust Officer

Meet Kyle Pickner. Kyle recently joined Plains Commerce Bank as Chief Trust Officer. Kyle began working in the trust industry in 2013 and gained a wealth of experience working with various organizations in roles such as Trust Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Director of Trust Operations. In 2018, Kyle began consulting and advising trust companies on compliance, operations, and administrative matters.

Kyle most recently led the financial operations for one of the world’s largest digital asset custodians, taking them from a start-up to a multi-billion-dollar institution. Thriving on a challenge, Kyle was tasked with the idea of combining Silicon Valley tech and Wall Street finance. He was instrumental in their success, helping build their financial operations and compliance program from the ground up. Kyle’s role touched nearly every aspect of business from security to product management engineering to legal and compliance.

Kyle’s goal at Plains Commerce Bank is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. He understands that conventional banking is changing right before our eyes. Consumers, along with businesses, are looking to the established banking system for assurance that their hard-earned assets are protected from the full range of risks. With his extensive expertise in blockchain technology and digital assets, Kyle will lead the Plains Commerce team in bringing to market industry-first digital asset solutions to be offered for the first time through the traditional banking environment. Kyle aims to instill a mainstream public confidence in cryptocurrency and to ultimately help usher in a new era of innovation and efficiency for the bank.

Kyle’s clear vision will take Plains Commerce into the future as they pave their way into the age of digitization.



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